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The Most Popular Casino Players In The World

The Most Popular Casino Players In The World

Most casino games might come under ‘game of chance,’ but we need to agree that playing casino games requires skills and practice, just like the ‘games of skill’ like arcade games.

Casinos are places explicitly designed for gambling or betting; found near tourist attractions such as resorts, hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships, houseboats, etc.

Knack, luck, skills, intelligence, and patience are the essential aspects that one should consider while gambling. However, gambling does not offer good luck to everyone, but the players can still control it; this depends on how they play.

The Most Popular Casino Players In The World

Here are some of the best and popular casino players in the world!

Let us look at what tricks and techniques they used while gambling that led to their prosperous life!

  • Edward Thorp- The All-rounder:

Edward Thorp, not only a dauntless gambler but is also well-known as an author, inventor, Math professor, and blackjack player. He is known for his effective cheating tricks while gambling as he plays strategically with his ‘magic’ cards. As a man who had tremendous knowledge about mathematics, playing with cards and gambling was not an arduous task. He also wrote a book on tricks that must be followed to gamble successfully, along with mathematical tactics. He also became successful while playing baccarat, roulette, and backgammon.

Thus, he used his knowledge cleverly to make money, and that needs to be appreciated!

  • Venessa Selbst- ‘The popular female gambler!’

Venessa is renowned as the only gambler to reach world number 1 on the Global Poker Index and the first woman to go, of course!

With $11,850,000 in earnings, she is the wealthiest female gambler in the world. Winning nearly 25 final table games and three WSOP bracelets, she is just 36 years old and plays poker games even now. In addition, she is also the most recent woman to be a part of ‘Nevada’s Gambling Hall of Fame.’

  • Billy Walters from the United States:

Starting his career in gambling at a young age, Billy Walters made his records by winning most games until 30. He is regarded as the best and professional sports better in the US who was also good at any kind of casino games, including blackjack, poker, roulette, etc., from unique casino houses!

The Most Popular Casino Players In The World

Later, he stopped gambling and invested his money and time in stock markets.

  • Chris Moneymaker- ‘The rich poker’:

Chris Moneymaker, known for his successful gambling life in pokers, was the 2003 World Series of Pokers’ winner. His hard work and luck never cheated on him, which made him win most of the online pokers; that’s how he became wealthy and successful. With 2.5 million dollars and a signature golden bracelet, Chris defeated Sam Farha in a competition by a brilliant bluff professional tournament.

Coming from different backgrounds, mindsets, techniques, and so on, they have made it a successful life. However, it also depends on luck or chance but knowing how to execute the plan, skills, and techniques are essential while gambling in casinos!